CMP Fibalite

The PEMS CMP Fibalite Alliance is a collaboration and distributor’s agreement to provide CMP Fibalite's full services and products to the Australian and New Zealand markets. This partnership brings 40 years of maintenance experience in the chemical, petrochemical and oil & gas industries to our clients.

CMP Fibalite specialises in the prevention and protection of surfaces from corrosion. Since 1973 the company has been helping to extend the life cycle of client’s assets.  

CMP Fibalite offers a number of systems for maintenance problems. These technologies, consisting of coatings and maintenance products are applicable to both the repair and restoration of existing assets. Ideally, the CMP Fibalite technologies are applied in a preventive maintenance manner on new construction projects as this reduces the number of inspections and maintenance requirements and therefore whole of life costs are reduced.

CMP Fibalite has developed a Pipe Rehabilitation System with DNV GL and TNO verification that can rehabilitate pipe with up to 80% metal loss that is user friendly and easy to apply. No stops are required during application and with just St2 cleaning required there is no requirement for power tools or hot works. Simply apply Alucemp, Cempgrade and Fibalite.

The Corrosion Under Insulation System for pipes and tanks offers complete corrosion protection and prevention with Alucemp. Combined with Fibalite on the external, makes it much stronger than traditional sheeting with no more leaks. 


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