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PEMS has partnered with ENCO Systems for the supply of boiler technology into the Australian markets, In 1993, ENCO took a major leap forward by manufacturing its first highly efficient.

PEMS has partnered with ENCO Systems for the supply of boiler technology into the Australian markets, In 1993, ENCO took a major leap forward by manufacturing its first highly efficient and technologically advanced modern day boiler locally in its new 94,000 sq.ft. factory in Rawang, Selangor.

Presently, not only ENCO has broadened its horizons internationally from Thailand to Indonesia but has become a brand name synonymous to excellence and quality. ENCO today comprises of a seamless tapestry of workers from professionals, highly skilled and semi-skilled workers to qualified contract workers dedicating their expertise in making quality boilers for its customers.



  • For years, Enco have been providing satisfied customers by designing, fabrication and installation of Boiler Systems for all sectors of industry that requiring process heating, including the Food, Chemicals, Automotive, Rubber, Textiles, Hotels, Hospitals, Palm Oil, Wood Industries and many others. In Enco, we understand our customers and strive to provide them with boiler solutions to suit our customers’ current and future needs.
  • Has extensive experience in the local Boiler Manufacturing Industry which results in boilers that are tailor-made/well suited to individual industry users.
  • Dedicated teams of engineers from different specialization.


  • Able to utilize the surplus of steam generated by the boiler coupled with a steam turbine to generate power which can then be sell back to the National grid.
  • This is achieved with the co-operation with respectable Steam Turbine Companies which we are working closely with.
  • Our clients have the option to go for Steam Outsourcing as well. Click on Steam Outsourcing to learn more about it!

For years, Enco Group has been providing satisfied customers with thermal energy solutions locally and internationally. Expending from our core business, which is manufacturing packaged boilers and biomass boilers to providing a total boiler solution to valuable customers worldwide. Enco Group. Providing you with a One Stop Centre for Total Boiler Solutions.


Capacity Range :
Steam Boilers : 250 to 30,000 Kg/Hr (F&A 100 Celcius) Hot Water Boilers: (185 kW to 6300 kW)

Design Capacity :
12.3 Bar and 18 Bar Gauge

Benefits include :
Long-term reliability Generous Heating Surface – Low Furnace Load Generous Steam Space – Guaranteed Dry Steam (>99% Dry) Low Operating and Maintenance Costs – Minimum Refractory Works Investment Pay-Back within 3 Years


A packaged boiler operates more efficiently if the oxygen concentration in the flue gas is reduced to a minimum above Stoichiometric combustion. On the other hand, insufficient air intake causes incomplete combustion, resulting in increased smoke emission. Optimizing air intake for boiler operation requires continuous measurement of the oxygen concentration in the flue gas. Enco’s Three-Pass Fire-Tube boilers are designed for pressurized combustion with oil or gas which incorporates a furnace with generous design characteristics, i.e. low furnace load and furnace temperature. This is to ensure optimal combustion with minimal NOx emissions. These boilers are fitted with pressed end plates while boilers above 4 ton/hour or more are constructed with fully corrugated furnace. Enco’s design also provides a generous steam space to ensure a steady and controlled steam generation. In fact, the steam produced has a guaranteed dryness higher than 99%. Enco boilers are manufactured using only top quality boiler materials that are in compliance with Australian standards and regulations.


PEMS Integrated Management Systems (IMS) Update May 2017

PEMS on the 25 May 2017 has been awarded triple certification by Bureau Veritas Certification.